TiMax ‘wonking out the dancefloor’ with SOVA at Glastonbury’s Funkingham Palace

The unique immersive audio capabilities of TiMax SoundHub were in evidence at this year’s Glastonbury Festival where two experiential spaces were driven by the pioneering spatial audio engine.


Within the warren of underground venues of Glastonbury’s The Rabbit Hole, SOVA Audio applied TiMax spatialisation to create an altogether different dance arena experience at Funkingham Palace, through a multichannel Funktion One sound system.

Within this inner world, guarded by Alice in Wonderland inspired thespians with riddles, carrots and magic potions to test wit and determination, SOVA Audio’s George Yankov created a sophisticated and memorable sonic experience for house and disco lovers.

Matching the venue’s dance-floor surround system was a matching monitor set up for the DJs to experience the same dynamically spatialised audio mix. This was essential because George leveraged the TiMax OSC integration to programme various spatial audio movements controllable from an iPad for the DJs to play with.


An extra mixer was used just for effects and additional sounds, featuring two Korg Kaoss Pads, a Kaossilator, a drum pad and a laptop running samples from Ableton. All sounds were occasionally warped out through a Roland Space Echo.

The Rabbit Hole organiser, Isaac Ferry, explains, “Sova Audio created a sub mix where we could send certain sounds around the room to add drama to the audio mix. It was amazing to use, and it really added something special to a magical weekend. It was fun to create strange sounds in our headphones - and then throw them around the room via TiMax.”

He adds, “Using the ‘AUX send’ function on the Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 2, we could assign any audio channel to be sent to RMX 1000 effects sampler. This meant we could EQ out the Bass, add delay to the track and send this delay around the room at various speeds - blended in with the original Dry track from the mixer. It really wonked out some already wonky characters on the dancefloor!”

DJs performing with the system at Funkingham Palace included Isaac Ferry, Bushwaka! Craig Charles and the legendary Carl Cox amongst many others.

Elsewhere, a permanent sculptural feature created by artist Wolfgang Buttress created highlighted the plight of bees. Inspired and indeed controlled by the activity of real bees – a colony of Cornish Black Bees in Michael Eavis’ own beehive to be precise – BEAM is an interactive, multi-sensory and experiential sculpture that, with the help of TiMax and visual specialists RES London, envelopes visitors in immersive soundscapes and 360-degree projection and lighting.




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