Within the vast sound production called upon for this year’s Eurovision2017 in Kyiv, a pair of TiMax SoundHub audio delay matrix units were supplied by Black Box Music (BBM) to manage multi-zone PA level and delay alignment between Main and B-stage performance areas.


The setup revisits a technique pioneered for Adele’s recent record-breaking world-wide arena tour. The TiMax SoundHub-S16 systems were inserted between Digico SD7’s and Lake master system processing feeding the amps, which in turn fed multiple distributed L’Acoustics line array hangs, subs and fills.


As the performance switched between the two stages, the TiMax dynamic delay-matrix delivered all mix outputs from main and backup console/system processor chains via onboard 96KHz SRC’s, to seamlessly re-align and focus all PA elements onto the current stage.


The power and versatility of TiMax came to the rescue with, what Head of Sound, Kai Reiss, describes as an interesting ‘side effect’. He explains, “We were asked to provide an emergency announcement for the security office. We recorded it for them [in English and Ukranian] and then gave them a button in their office that allowed them to simply press to pull down the show sound automatically and play the emergency announcement, all from within TiMax!” Simples.”


More often used for spatial audio and vocal localisation in premier theatre, presentation and immersive AV applications, the dynamic delay-matrix capability unique to TiMax also allows real-time smooth delay-morphing algorithms across multi-zone PA systems as necessary, all recalled as simple showcontrol Cues presets.


The main TiMax SoundHub unit was provided from BBM’s rental stock with the backup unit supplied by German spatial audio specialists Panix.



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