The North American International Auto Show held each January in Detroit steers the upcoming year for global car sales. The primary goal of every manufacturer at the show is to create focus and impact for the latest models, ensuring the world is geared up and ready for the latest and greatest from each brand.


Creating the cohesive vision this year for Fiat Chrysler Auto’s booth, designed and built by George P. Johnson, James Klein Events were brought in to curate the show production. This featured a spectacular hourly 'Superstorm' that saw each of the Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Mopar, Chrysler and Fiat brands 'takeover' the entire stand with hundreds of moving lights, dozens of HD video pixel-mapped elements and "awesome surround sound scores".


James engaged Michigan-based Sound Reality Corp. who incorporated the much sought-after dynamic audio showcontrol capabilities of the TiMax Soundhub 3D audio matrix into their elaborate animated soundscape designs. James explains “I was wanting to focus peoples attention and engage the customers in the stand. I tasked Michael our A1 with manipulating the audio so that the audience felt surrounded by sound”.


Supporting video content ran on a total of 32 outputs from D3 4x4 servers, with audio playback comprised of 16 tracks from multiple D3 4x2 servers, combined with a further 6 tracks from the onboard playback facility of TiMax. The multichannel effects and music stems were then all spatialized by TiMax across 50 Meyer UPJ loudspeakers and 20 Meyer USW subs distributed around the 60,000 sq.ft. booth.


Sound Reality Corps.’ Michael McDermott explains, “We used TiMax to create audio motion as well as focus on brands - and the entire booth – for any part of the one-hour show that was running on the booth for the duration of the exhibition.


“TiMax is the answer for us as the spatial panning feature is simple and easy to integrate into our existing system. We were able to achieve positive results and our client was very happy with what we achieved.” McDermott used TiMax as an on-site pre-production tool, rendering 3D pan effects using stems provided by the production company Spinifex prior to completeion of the video, then switched to live synchronized feeds from the servers for the show.


TiMax internal Date Time clock showcontrol triggers were also used to output MIDI scene changes to the Yamaha CL5 consoles to automatically reset volume levels across the booth for beginning of each day.


TiMax SoundHub audio spatialisation and showcontrol also featured over on the Ford booth, in sound designs created by Imagination and Creative Technology.



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