Building on ten years experience supplying multi-seat PAT and Cable test systems to major equipment hire companies, Out Board and long-standing software associates Data Strategy have jointly developed a market leading electrical safety test and logging hardware and software platform.


The new PAT-4 test processors and QC-Check software address evolving compliance standards and focus on enhanced workflow efficiency and quality management, essential to busy and growing hire companies.


The PAT-4 Test processor has been re-conceived from the ground up and incorporates dual 32-bit RISC ARM processors which allow it to be configured to a wide range of emerging international test standards. The revamped QC-Check test automation and database logging software not only controls and records the tests but also provides an audit-trail for all aspects of warehouse safety inspection plus prep, pick, despatch and return logistics.


Combined PAT and Cable test workstations can be created by linking one or more CAB-5 cable test modules to perform electrical safety tests on power cables from 5 to 100 circuits. A further optional RCD-T module performs fully-isolated RCD tests with results recorded in QC-Check.



PAT-4 System Key Features


• Integral ARM processors provide an adaptable, future-proofed platform to meet a wide range of statutory international test regimes


• Powers off any ac supply ranging from 85-250V, and all measuring elements are completely isolated from the ac supply


• Provides high-precision measurement (±2%) of resistance, current and voltages very fast so tests routines are quick.


• Standard interface is USB with optional Ethernet for multiple units in a thin client environment


• Available in Single-Phase and 3-Phase versions at current ratings of 16A or 32A, and 3-phase 125A.


• Add-ons include Cable and RCD modules – PAT, Cable and RCD testing can be accommodated on the same workstation.


• Built-in IEC cable tester checks continuity, phase polarity and core insulation.



Compliance Standards


The PAT-4, CAB-5 and RCD-T testers comply with the following standards and recommendations:


• BS EN 62638 (Draft) - Recurrent test and test after repair and modification of electrical equipment. This is the forthcoming BSI standard for PAT testing.


• DIN VDE 0701-0702: 2008 – testing the electrical safety of electrical devices after repair modification and for periodic testing. The current German standard for PAT testing.


• AS/NZ 3760:2010 (Draft) – In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Australian/New Zealand standard for PAT testing.


• HSE publication ‘Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment’


• IEE publication ‘Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 3rd Edition’.


• BS EN 61557-6 - RCD-T test module option is capable of applying the full range of test current to an in-service accuracy.


• Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) - QC-Check 4.0 is available with an optional data form for recording the result of a LOLER inspection as completed by an appropriately qualified person.





download the PAT4/CAB5 Web Brochure






Sales enquiries and support of PAT/CAB5 and QC-Check systems are managed through Data Strategy


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