TiMax2 Soundhub -
NEW multichannel audio processor and playback system for theatrical productions, events and AV installations. - routing, mixing, EQ, delay matrix, multi-track sound effects playback and editing, audio networking and multi-user remote control. Modular, expandable, PC or Mac designer software … 

TiMax Tracker -
radar showcontrol system uses Ultra-Wideband radar signals to track the actors or performers’ onstage for seamless vocal localisation or other effects automation in 3D space. Can also be linked to other media such as lights, video, scenography, animatronics… 

The Classic
Where it all began in the 1990's, groundbreaking delay-matrix systems for vocal localisation and sound effects panning. The world's first fully coomercialised audio-showcontrol system for source-oriented reinforcement (SOR) in theatre, presentation and events.


Discontinued Product


The Classic TiMax Rack Systems, are modular and expandable from 8-in/8-out up to 32-in/32-out, housed in an 8U chassis.


The Classic TiMax Image Makers, which come in two non-modular formats at lower price points achieved by eliminating costs due to modularity and expandability

TiMax ImageMaker8, "IM8", (8-in / 8-out, 3U)

TiMax ImageMaker16, "IM16"(8-in / 16-out, 4U)