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for Out Board LV & DV Motor Controllers

- 16, 32 and 64-channel digital remote control

- retrofits to ALL existing LV & DV 6/8/12 Controllers

- Ethercon CAT5/6 connection, optional wireless

- 8 memories, non-volatile, reversible

- integral Load Cell monitoring (Broadweigh, more later)

- compact, easy to use, zero learning curve

RCX SMART brochure and operating instructions



Drawing on the extensive experience of event rigging professionals, Out Board has developed a comprehensive range of compact but rugged chain-hoist motor controllers and accessories built to survive the rigours of touring life.

The LV-Series that can operate all Columbus McKinnon and other Low-Voltage control hoists; 6-, 8-, and 12-channel.


The DV-Series for Direct Control of the new CM and other Direct Control hoists; 4- and 8-channel.



To support these we also manufacture a range of accessories such as versatile Remote Handsets and Handset splitters up to 16-way with integral E-Stop, also Remote GO and Remote E-Stop switches which can be linked across multiple controllers.

There is also a range of small Smart modules and Encoders that are fitted inside CM hoists:

SmartLimit converts a low-voltage controlled hoist to direct control to simplify cabling while still maintaining the hoists Limit Switch safety function

SmartSafe detects incorrect phase rotation and automatically switches to maintain correct direction in low-voltage hoists

Encoders with optical sensing, high precison speed and direction data output for 1-tonne and ½-tonne CM Hoists

Please download our Motor Control Product Range sheet for an overview of the range, or more detailed Technical and Operation information sheets are also available as PDF downloads .

Don’t hesitate to contact us about your specific rigging control requirements. We can also put you in touch with experienced rigging design and automation professionals.