Following a year of significant inroads into new markets and territories for their TiMax SoundHub and TiMax Tracker products, Out Board launched at Frankfurt PL&S 2014 the first of a new suite of TiMax networking interfaces dubbed Connectivity by the company. The new MADI-64 and Dante-64 Connectivity devices fit into the rear option slots of the TiMax2 SoundHub audio showcontrol matrix and playback server to provide 64channels in and out on the respective transport protocols.


Out Board anticipates these new additions will consolidate interest in TiMax across an increasing range of market sectors and help open new doors in the coming year. Already the Dante-64 solution has been supplied to the Amsterdam Zoo in a 64channel TiMax2 SoundHub system to provide an integrated multichannel playback server, scheduler and signal distribution system. TiMax with Dante is also being specified on a number of live event projects for the coming year.

The new MADI-64 interface, which expands on the original MADI32 card which will now be offered at a reduced price, has already been picked up by leading German corporate event specialists Panix to upgrade their 48-channel TiMax SoundHub-48S system. In the UK, the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company have expanded their original TiMax system to a fully-loaded TiMax SoundHub-S64 configuration with an added MADI-64, which is used for signal transport of mic and PA feeds to and from the Digico SD9 console as well as reverb and other effects running on a Mac.



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